Rihanna: future owner of a UK soccer club!

The past months, Rihanna has showed us how much she loves soccer on social networks. Karim Benzema or James Rodriguez were some of the crushes of the singer during the World Cup. Today, the Bajan plans to buy a UK soccer club!

A source close to Rihanna said: “At first we thought Rihanna’s desire to be involved with soccer on a business level would soon blow over. We figured she was still on a high from the World Cup. But now it’s becoming clear she really is serious. She’s talking about setting up a football academy in her native Barbados. Then her big dream is to be involved with a UK club.” When the 26-year-old singer has a project in mind, she always thinks about her island first. The Premier League will be her second choice but she has some contacts with another soccer club in Los Angeles.

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