Rihanna: a sports coach for Leonardo!

This is probably the most unexpected couple of the year! And if the two stars have still not formalized their relationship, Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio spin the perfect love… However, the singer would not be completely a fan of the actor’s physique!

Beard, long hair, love handles… Leonardo did not really pay attention to his shape as of late, and accustomed to athletics bad boys, Riri is not ready to accept bulges, especially if it reduces Leo‘s sexual performances: “Ri‘s got extremely high standards when it comes to who she sleeps with and Leo falls out of this category because he’s a lot more flabbier than her usual lovers,” said a source close to the star. But the beautiful is not ready to dump her new boyfriend and has decided to fix the issue but.. her own way.

The insolent Bajan Queen decided that actor would practice sport! Riri has hired a trainer for Leo and has even enrolled in a martial arts. Leo accepts criticism and find it “very funny” said a source to the magazine “He’s never had a girl tell him what to do, so you can imagine how much he’s loving it,” he added.

The cunning actor also give instructions to his beautiful, prohibiting her from getting a tattoo: “Rihanna has always been the type of girl who does whatever she wants, when she wants. She wants a new tattoo on her body, but she’s stuck because Leo asked her to promise him she won’t let the needle touch her body until she falls in love again. She’s a woman of her words and she’s sticking to that,” said a source at Hollywood Life.

Anyway, the two lovebirds are ready to change one for the other and it looks like their relationship intensifies.

Do you think they will keep their commitments?

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