Candid shots of Rihanna on the streets of Paris popped up all over the web in late April, while the singer was shooting the video for her song “Te Amo.” Then word came that although the Anthony Mandler directed “Te Amo” video was Rihanna’s latest shoot, her upcoming U.S. single/video would be for a different song, “Rockstar 101.” By late May, that video premiered on television stations across the U.S. So why exactly did the rockstarlet put out alternative fifth singles for her “Rated R” album? The video for “Te Amo” has been banned from television stations in the U.S. for its sexual, lesbian theme, according to eurweb.com.

The steamy “Te Amo” video shows Rihanna and her leading lady, French supermodel Laetitia Casta, in some compromising positions. Lace and latex abound, the two kiss on and caress each other in an unapologetic display of affection. In one scene, the Barbadian beauty nuzzles the back of her head into her objet d’amour’s shirtless chest as the two embrace. In fact, overgarments of any kind are noticeably far and few between in the clip. No doubt, the video is hot. But too sexy for the U.S.? Apparently so.

Written by Shaira

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You can watch “Te Amo” followng this link…

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