Rihanna’s production label, SRP Records, has stated on their official Twitter page that “Regarding internet rumors, there is no confirmed single after Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’; it may be the last from Rated R.” The Jamaican dancehall ragga pop jingle from the smoky-eyed debutante of darkness has sat on the Billboard Hot 100 for the past two consecutive weeks now enthralling listeners everywhere but there’s a catch-22 in the midst: While “Rude Boy,” a stellar standout of the set is heating up radio and iTunes, the gothic rock-rap dubset driven “Rated R” lacks universal appeal despite critical acclaim.

The remedy? The 22-year-old ingénue with the icy monotone is set to release an up-tempo, sunshine-and-roses album this summer. In the past, we’ve heard an over-saturation of flowery, island girl swagger that engrossed Rihanna’s earlier records. Some critics believe that a return to her pre-Good Girl Gone Bad records would be a horrible move on her part. But only time will tell.

SRP also stated an interest in another music video would be terrific for the “Disturbia” pop chanteuse: “However, just in case there is one, what would you guys like it to be? Tweet us and let us know!” It wasn’t too soon that SRP officials got public opinions of which route would be most keen. No news as of yet, but on March 22nd, “Firebomb” and the new age Vangelis-inspired synth-driven Will.i.am effort “Photographs” were the “leading favorites.”

Written by Marcus Scott

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