Raphael Saadiq

Singer, producer and musician Raphael Saadiq released “The Way I See It” his third album. It reminds us an album of the Sixties with hints of modern and fresh sounds. He had chosen to get back to the sixties kind of music because he had always listened to it. He noticed that the audience was really into this music too. Even if people listen to modern music, they’re always going back to the classics. So after producing a few records for different artists and a trip in the Bahamas, Raphael returned to the studios to play the music he loves the most.
The album is a total success. It is acclaimed by the critics and the audience. He’s been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards.

In the interview Saadiq gave us, he explains why he had chosen to record his new album this way. He also gave us his 3 favorite songs ever… Press Play!

Raphael Saadiq... The way he sees it! - mytrace
Raphael Saadiq… The way he sees it! – mytrace

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