Raphael Saadiq

The “back to classic” singer, producer, songwritter and musician, Raphael Saadiq is on tour in the US. Saadiq, who has been playing music since the age of six, released his latest album “The Way I See It” on September 2008 and it sounds like a 70’s album. The opus received three 2009 Grammy Awards nominations, including Best R&B album.. He will then present it on stage. And If you are a Saadiq fan, brace yourself for an exciting time! He takes you back in the days, playing his new and old music, with energy you would not believe. Plus, his musicians and chorus are brilliant and keeps up the rhythm of the performance from the beginning until the end, giving the public a unique experience and two hours of hapiness.

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Rapahel Saadiq - The Lead Singer - mytrace
Rapahel Saadiq – The Lead Singer – mytrace

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