Raffaella Fico Reveals Details about Balotelli Break-up

Mario Balotelli’s ex-girlfriend recently revealed some insights on the couple’s year long relationship and the affair that ended it. The 23 year old Italian TV star, Raffaella Fico, spoke to the Sun about the Manchester City striker’s hook up with Chloe Evans, a 21 year old secretary, saying “I still don’t know why he behaved as he did. I know he had flings but he took responsibility…He said sorry and I forgave him.”

Fico also talked about the fight between Mario and herself which resulted in a visit by the police, remarking “I remember the squad car arriving, the cold, the confusion, the cramps in my stomach and a deep pain. Mario why have you done this?”

The Sun previously reported that Balotelli slept with Wayne Rooney’s former fling Jennifer Thompson and other prostitutes.

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