Rafael Nadal’s watch stolen following French Open

Rafael Nadal gets a nasty surprise in the wake of his seventh French Open victory. The morning after his triumph on the famous clay courts, Rafa woke up in his Paris hotel room to discover that his watch had been stolen – a luxury watch loaned to him by his sponsor Richard Mille, worth 375,000 dollars!

But all’s well that end’s well: the watch was found and police arrested a suspect. This isn’t the first time it’s happened to the Spanish tennis player. In 2010, during the Masters 1000 in Toronto, Rafael Nadal’s 500,000 dollar Richard Mille watch, a real technological gem, was stolen. These incidents haven’t discouraged British tennis star Andy Murray from sealing a deal with a luxury watchmaker. He’s become the ambassador of Swiss brand Rado. He was the last of the four top-ranked tennis players to not have a watch sponsor. Roger Federer has Rolex, Novak Djokovic has Audemars Piguet and Rafael Nadal has Richard Mille. We expect Murray to continue turning up on time.

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