The much-delayed R. Kelly child pornography trial may be taking place sooner than later now that several key steps have been taken. The jury selection process moved forward during a morning hearing on July 20, The Chicago Tribune reports.

During the hearing, at which Kelly was also present, attorneys for both sides presented questionnaires they would like potential jurors to fill out. A follow-up hearing is slated to take place July 25. At that hearing, both prosecution and defense will present Judge Vincent Gaughan a questionnaire that combines questions from both.
Though Boliker admits that the level of the juror pre-screening process is new to Illinois’s Cook County, it was a necessary step due to the high-profile nature of the case.

Though Kelly was first hit with 14 counts of child pornography back in 2002, getting to trial has been a lengthy process. This latest step may indicate that the trial will finally happen.

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