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Production Coordinator Internship


TRACE Southern Africa

Production Coordinator Internship Job Spec



    • DEPARTMENT:  Production / Design
    • TITLE: TRACE Southern Africa: Production Coordinator


    • MANAGER: Report to Multimedia Design & Content Manager
    • INTERNSHIP; 6 months





The TRACE production coordinator will oversee the overall operations of multimedia content production. They will be tasked with organising all the necessary needs of the production staff, work against the project budget, prepare permits and documents, assist in daily production tasks and ensure the production schedules are met. The production coordinator will draft up paperwork, delegate tasks by briefing necessary members of the production team, and ensure smooth and professional delivery of television and digital content. 




The production coordinator will have a series of responsibilities that will assist the production team and will report directly to the head of content.

  • Ensure production runs according to schedule and report to the head of content on progress thereof
  • Manage and brief the In-house production and design team
  • Deal with any problems that may arise on shoots or during post-production
  • Ensure that all studio equipment and resources are accounted for at all times
  • Take the lead on location scouting for upcoming content pieces and shoots
  • Oversee location bookings and arrange any necessary permissions and risk assessments
  • Ensure that the production team is aware of and prepared for upcoming shoots as per the head of content’s production schedule 
  • Assist the head of content in managing and outsourcing freelancers where necessary 
  • Compile and complete necessary paperwork including call sheets, accreditation applications etc. 
  • Secure talent as guests for shoots, interviews, and other content opportunities 
  • Conduct regular meetings with the head of content and production team to examine and explore upcoming content ideas
  • Ensure that content deliverables are submitted ahead of pre-determined deadlines




  • Qualification in media production (multimedia production, television production)
  • At least 1-year of experience in television, studio, and other production environments. 
  • Design expertise is advantageous




EMAIL CV TO no later than 25 March 2021.

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