Last week, TRACE TV put the spotlights on a European country where urban cultures are in constant evolution and new trends emerge in various domains: Poland.

From tattoos to freestyle football, there’s much more to Poland than you think. Among the hidden treasures that the country has to offer is Director Xavere Zulawski, Poland’s latest film star, who explains his mission to renew polish cinema.

Another entertainer, rapper L.U.C combines rap, jazz and… whatever else he feels like to create an indefinable form of music. Meanwhile in big cities, freestyle footballers show off their moves in hopes that the relatively new sport will expand.

Tattoo enthusiasts display their ink at Tattoo Fest and Poland’s sex industry continues to grow, despite the strong focus on religion in a country where 98% of people are Catholic. These are some of the lesser-known aspects of Polish culture that TRACE discovered when exploring the country. Check out the in-depth videos below!

Tattoo Fest

Xavere Zulawski

Street Style 2009


Sex & Religion

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