Pitbull Barks

Pitbull recently entertained an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine; the Miami rapper discussed everything from ‘Planet Pit’, concerts, to possible collaborations and even ‘Glee’. Mr. Worldwide finally lived up to his name, ‘Give Me Everything’ featuring Ne-Yo became the singer’s first number one single on the Hot 100. Mr. 305 went on to discuss his passion for live performances, hailing his shows as ‘epic’, saying he gives ‘everything I got’ and calling the crowd’s reaction ‘a trophy’. Later Armando Pérez acknowledged the ‘amazing movement’ ‘Glee’ and said it wasn’t a matter of if, but when songs from his sixth album such as ‘Give Me Everything’ and ‘Castles in the Sand’ would be reenacted on the tube. As far as future affiliations, the Latin musician remarked about his respect regarding the ‘businessman and artist’ Jay-Z as well as similar stars who have ‘grown and blossomed’ like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. By David Woodson

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