Pacquiao pursues default decision in defamation bout

Manny Pacquiao and his team of attorney’s have asked a judge for a default ruling following Floyd Mayweather’s failure to appear in court. The Filipino boxer, who moonlights as a congressman, is seeking $10 million in defamation damages due to the undefeated, five-division world champ’s allegations that he utilized performance enhancing drugs.

Pacman provided his legal opponent with 24 opportunities to appear in court for a defense deposition, however Pretty Boy denied all of the dates, due to training and a promotional tour for his upcoming bout versus Victor Ortiz.

Although a verdict is not yet clear, the two may resolve their conflict outside the courtroom and inside the ring. The planet’s pound for pound best boxer, will submit to Olympic style steroid testing stipulations sought by Mayweather, a fight between the titans may take place in 2012.

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