Our Family Wedding

When she’s not the less-than-fashionable personal assistant on “Ugly Betty,” America Ferrera is preparing to get married – on screen that is. This spring, Ferrera will co-star in a lead role in the upcoming romantic comedy “Our Family Wedding.” Adding versatility to the actress’ resume, Ferrera plays the role of a young, Latino bride is engaged to an African-American. Though the young color-blind couple are ready to jump the broom, they are held back due to the racial differences of their families.

Ferrera portrays Lucia Ramirez, a law student who is the first person from her family to attend college. During her college journey, Ferrera grows fond of “House of Payne” star Lance Gross, who plays Marcus Boyd, an African-American medical student. The two rush to get married before the groom’s Doctors Without Borders project, which will require them to move off to a foreign country.

In a recent interview with “USA Today,” Ferrera shared her insight on the importance of her role in the film and the impact the film will have on history. “My character is defining herself apart from her family,” Ferrera explained. “That starts with it being very controversial that she’s marrying a black man. It has two minority perspectives from people who have their own instincts of preservation and exclusivity and what they think of as ‘the other.’ It doesn’t have to be just white vs. every other minority. That’s what makes the film special.”

Other familiar faces in the film include comedian Carlos Mencia and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, who both play the joke-cracking, prejudiced fathers in the film.

“Our Family Wedding” comes to theaters in the US March 12th, 2010.

Written by Shabbaz

Check out a preview of what to expect from the trailer below.

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