Queens, New York rap trio “Onyx” will be releasing a DVD containing videos of their hit singles this summer. The DVD is titled “15 Years Of Videos, History & Violence.”

The videos on the DVD include “Slam”, “Throw Ya Gunz”, “All We Got Iz Us”, “Shut ‘EM Down” ft DMX and “React” ft 50 Cent.

The DVD also includes live performances, studio sessions, interviews, freestyles, a photo gallery and personal moments.

“15 Years Of Videos, History & Violence” will hit shelves on June 10th.

Below is the DVD’s tracklist:

01. Throw Ya Gunz
02. Bacdafucup
03. Slam
04. Da Nex Niguz
05. Shiftee
06. Slam (Bionyx Remix ft. Biohazard)
07. Judgement Night (ft. Biohazard)
08. All We Got Iz Us
09. Last Dayz
10. I’ll Murder You
11. Live Niguz
12. Walk In New York
13. Shut ‘Em Down (ft. DMX)
14. React (ft. X-1 and 50 Cent)
15. The Worst (ft. Wu-Tang Clan)
16. Broke Willies
17. Slam Harder
18. Get It Up (Sticky Fingaz solo video)
19. Dat Be Dem/Dyin’ For Rap (Fredro Starr solo video)
20. Perfect Chick (Fredro Starr solo video)
21. Can’t Call It (Sticky Fingaz solo video)
22. California Girls (Fredro Starr solo video)

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