Here’s the word on the streets for this week:

Is Keyshia Cole pregnant?
Pictures have showed the R&B singer with a bump on her belly… should we say more. Word on the street said that she’s dating Daniel Gibson, a basketball player from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Coincidence or not it was in Cleveland, she was spotted very pregnant, how nice…!

Busta Rhymes saving the music?
Are we really going to believe that Busta Rhymes is gonna cure the ailing music business with a dose of “Chemo”? Reports surfaced early this week saying that the rapper called his next album “The Chemo” because he believes that the industry is slowly dying. Ok let’s get this together maybe we should call him doctor Busta. But can he really cure the cancer with his new chemo… hum yeah right!

Did Chris Brown call Jay-Z a cornball?
Well apparently the singer found himself in the middle of a Twitter scandal this week. It all happened, when the singer tweeted while the word “cornball” as rapper Jay-Z won his American Music Awards for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist. But like it usually happened the singer was quick to delete his message. I guess we must say that the bad blood between both parties is still alive and can we say Rihanna might have something to do with it? Well I let you decide.

Is Usher caught in a love-hate triangle with his girlfriend Grace Miguel and mom, Jonetta Patton?
Well apparently Usher’s new album isn’t the only problem in his life. Now he must deal with women troubles. You see, Usher’s mom doesn’t like the new woman in his life and she sees the girlfriend as a rival. With all the craziness and jalousie surrounding the triangle lets’ hope that it will not affect his album sales. Even better maybe he should start writing about the conflict just to spark more flames. The last time we check” Papers”, was sitting at No. 31 on the pop charts… Why do you think? Should we give his ex-wife Tameka a call?

Is Mashonda dissing Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys?
Mashonda has been in and out the studio recording a diss song about her husband and his house breaker girlfriend. Do you think she should do it? Let’s be fair we all want to hear what she has to say about both parties… This should be interesting…

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