Oh Word!?

Poppa Knowles is a rolling stone!
So apparently previous accusations about Matthew Knowles (yes, Beyonce’s father) getting a woman pregnant are true. According to TMZ, paternity tests proves that Knowles is officially the father of one-month old baby Nixon. Baby mother Alexsandra Wright claims she and Knowles had been engaged in an 18-month affair… which is how they ended up with baby Nixon. Though Knowles denied, he had been paying court-ordered child support in the amount of $8,200 since February. Now that the DNA finally tells all, lawyers for both Knowles and Wright are wrapping up negotiation surrounding the settlement for baby Nixon’s child support.

Beyoncé is a big sister of two and… a mommy?
Going hand-in-hand with the news about her father and his new bundle of joy, new speculations of Beyoncé being pregnant by husband Jay-Z surface the internet waves. The two superstars had a secret wedding on April 4, 2008, but have yet to have a child. According to Mediatakeout, a “rock solid source” claims Beyoncé is most definitely with a child. I guess that can explain why a spokesperson for Beyoncé and Jay-z refused to comment on the manner. In fact, Beyoncé’s publicist Alan Nierob said “We don’t respond to private matter inquiries.”

Young Money’s Drake has beef?
This one right here is rather confusing. Apparently a fellow Canadian rapper by the name of Page is trying to have a cow with Drake. Whatever the reason, the rapper took to his “Typd Page” facebook account to let the public know exactly how he feels about “clown a** ni***” Drake. Some say that Page is upset about the success Drake is having. The two worked with each other in Drake’s early rap years on a track named “Still Fly.” Apparently Drake really liked the song and he layed his own verses to the track. Or perhaps the robbery that involved Drake a while back is leading to old fellow Page… either way, Page seems to be upset. Will we hear a reply from Drake or will he stick to the famous lyric: “Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply from it.” We shall see.

India.Arie hangs up the “Telephone.”
Everyone seems to enjoy the new mini-movie for Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s “Telephone,” but you can’t say the same for Miss Arie. She recently took to twitter to air out her thoughts about the video: “I agree GaGa is being her image…I dig her creative mind but still there’s a such thing a socially irresponsible.” “It’s not long before someone does a naked video” “There’s an artist every 10 years who pushes the envelope…but it’s about to fall off the table…when is it too far???”

Loosie Rumors
Mariah Carey was supposed to be dropping a remix album to “Memoirs of a Perfect Angel” which was to feature a good deal of rappers. Seems like it was all a dream… the album will not be happening. JD will soon resurface the hip-hop scene and it will be for So So Def record label! He’s said to be making a return with a new artist by the name of Jola. Kanye West is still working on his comeback album and respected Wu-Tang’s RZA and Q-Tip are noted to be featured on it!

Written by Shabazz

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