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Former Roc Princess Is Back!!!
The former Roc-A-Fella songstress that debuted asking “are there are any boys around that know how to make a girl feel good” is now back! Teairra Mari makes her comeback with a spankin’ new track titled “Sponsor” featuring Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy. Supposedly Teairra Mari and Soulja Boy were in Los Angeles this past Tuesday shooting the video in a mansion…. the two may have been locking lips too! Reverend Run’s oldest daughter Vanessa Simmons is also rumored to be making a cameo in the video. Look out for the video and details on the album, which is titled “At That Point.”

Epic/Sony gives Jennifer Lopez the boot
After the two singles “Louboutins” and “Fresh Out of the Oven,” flopped and failed to meet Billboard charts expectations, Epic and Sony are reported to be dropping J.Lo from the label… even before the release of her seventh studio album “Love?,” which is suppose to drop this summer. Reps for the songstress say that J.Lo’s contract is up… but why would it be up before she even drops her album? Whatever the reason for the sudden drop, J.Lo is reportedly trying to release the album online. However, before she can even plan to do so, she needs to buy the project from Sony, being that they technically own the material from her album. Other rumors say J.Lo may be switching out deals with Def Jam singer Mariah Carey. J.Lo goes to Def Jam and Mariah Carey goes to Sony/Epic? Let’s wait and see I guess.

Yung Berg: To be or not to be… pistol-whipped and robbed!
It seems trouble is always following Young Berg… with a pistol in hand and intention of robbery. The “Sexy Lady” rapper was supposedly robbed and pistol-whipped during a home invasion at a party in Hollywood earlier this Monday around 2:00am. Though there are statements from police officials stating that the rapper- whose real name is Christian Ward- was indeed at the house party, reps for Berg say he was in Las Vegas. However, insiders came forward later in the week and stated that Berg was actually in Los Angeles. Though they say he didn’t get pistol-whipped, he was indeed robbed for the jewels around his neck. This is the third incident where someone has gotten Berg for the diamonds in his chain… new style needed much?

Beyonce steals song credit… again?!?
This is most definitely not the first time Beyoncé has been accused of stealing production credits- and it’s all thanks to poppa Knowles! In a recent Billboard magazine interview, Rob Fusari, producer of the Destiny Child funky single “Bootylicious” says he’s the master mind behind the track, and it was his idea to use the Stevie Nicks sample. In fact, he even talked about how Mathew Knowles told him to his face that he stole the “Bootylicious” credits for Beyoncé back in ’01. Mathew’s response is “People don’t want to hear about Rob Fusari, producer from Livingston, N.J. No offense, but that’s not what sells records. What sells records is people believing that the artist is everything.” Anyways, Rob Fusari can turn his focus on Lady Gaga. Fusari is noted as being one of the producers helping to launch her successful pop career.

Loosie Rumors
Chris Brown joins team Tiger and supports Tiger Woods’ recent cheating incident and PR strategy with a statement he made during a recent Detroit radio interview: “I think people always deserve a second chance… Nobody has the right to place judgment or make any judgment on anybody else’s personal life when they’re not directly involved with them.”

Ice Cube is noted to be dropping an album titled “I Am The West.”

Kanye West will be breaking out of his musical hiatus with a new album titled “Good Ass Job.” He’s supposedly in Hawaii working on the album. The project is noted to have Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross on the album.

Written by Shabazz

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