No record for Bolt in London?

Usain Bolt has never made a secret of it. He wants to become a track and field legend. He wants to improve his own record of 100 m in 9.5 seconds by clocking in at 9.4 seconds in London.

Experts may believe that the Jamaican is capable of such a feat, but his coach, Glen Mills, isn’t quite as confident. He knows his protégé can run under 9.5 seconds, but doesn’t see him reaching his declared goal, especially not at the Olympic games. In an interview with the Daily Mail, he declared: “I don’t believe it’s impossible, but he would have to have the right conditions. I’m not sure if London is going to be kind. I’m talking about the weather.

Huge pressure is riding on Usain Bolt’s shoulders. He’ll be defending three Olympic crowns, in the 100 and 200m and 4x 100 events. It seems He will not be contesting a fourth in the 4X400 m relay however despite earlier expressing a desire to, as his racing schedule won’t permit it.

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