Nigerian rapper Naeto C

Naeto “Naeto C” Chikwe is back with a new single. “Duro” comes from the Nigerian rapper’s highly anticipated second album “Super C Season,” which is due in 2010.

Naeto C has had great success with his first single “Ako Mi Ti Poju ,” which has topped radio and television countdowns across Africa.

Born in Houston, Texas to Nigerian parents, Naeto C grew up in England and Nigeria. He developed an interest in music at an early age but went on to study Biology at George Washington University. There he met fellow Nigerian Ikechukwu and together they formed the World Famous Akademy record label.

After graduating in 2004, he got into business with Storm Media Group Nigeria and released his first album with chart topping hits such as “Kini Big Deal.”

Naeto C is a man with good looks and brains. Between music production, performances and traveling he still finds time to study for his Master’s degree. This might perhaps explain the reason why the music video to “Duro” has not yet been released.

Naeto C is not only representing Nigeria but Africa as a whole. He is showing the world that African hip hop artists can compete on a global platform with the best the world has to offer.

Writen by Sam Zungu

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