Nicki Minaj’s true passion

Nicki Minaj has told Entertainment Weekly that acting is her true passion. Young Money’s first lady is currently compiling her fantasy list of people in Hollywood with whom she’d like to work with. She’d love to play alongside Will Smith, who is a role model to her, and have Tim Burton in the director’s chair.

Minaj stated that rapping was never her first preference, acting was. “I went to school to be an actress. I never expected to be a rapper. It just fell in my lap. So I would like to get an acting gig. I hope that when I am done with the tour I can go back and do some acting. That is my long-term goal.”

Minaj will soon hit the road with Britney Spears for her Femme Fatale tour, and promises that she will make it worthwhile. “I want to go all out and make it over the top and theatrical. There will be costume changes and hair changes. Lots of sexy outfits and dancing. I don’t know how to do things normal and boring. Why? People pay good money for concert tickets these days.”

By Noémie Jamar

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