Nicki Minaj: pictures and videos from her very hot “The Pinkprint Tour”

At a concert in Germany, the lovely Nicki brought up a fan with her on stage, and the latter was so excited to be able to touch her idol that she grabbed her buttocks! But far from being impressed, the queen of rap has taken the game further and even returned the favor to the fan! Nicki had warned the attendance: “If it’s too hot for you, don’t watch! »Here is the proof that Nicki Minaj’s butt is not made of plastic! It was during a performance in Frankfurt in Germany for her “The Pinkprint Tour” that Nicki has randomly picked two fans to join her on stage. While the first was entitled to her moment of fame singing with her idol, the second one enjoyed a hot lap dance from the singer and her dancers.As she sits and Nicki starts rising the temperature, the fan seems to scream “oh my god” in front of Nicki, and grabbed Nicki’s famous cake with everything she had! If many stars often fear the reactions of their audience, Nicki plays it very cool (this is not the first time a fan wanted to touch her rump) and she even give back a handful of the fan’s boobs!

After the show, Nicki tweeted “She wanted to get it poppin so I got it poppin right back. I’m not kidding. Tittieez on fleek.” And here is a fan fulfilled!But her fans are not the only one to enjoy the show. Proof is with this video of one of her dancers enjoying a very hot dance from the Barbie.


— Devoney (@AddictedtoNM) March 20, 2015

Do you think that Nicki is too close to her fans?

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