Nicki Minaj: from trashy to classy

The past weeks, Nicki Minaj has posted provocative pictures on her Instagram account.

From wet selfies to ‘booty selfies’, she has graced the news for her body and sexy pictures more than for her music or positive actions.

The past two days, another kind of pictures were posted on her account: Nicki Minaj appears classy and cute for two different occasions.

First for her younger brother birthday for who she threw a sweet 16th party alongside friends and family. She even arranged for her brother to receive birthday messages from stars by the likes of LeBron James, Chris Paul, and more.

Finally, she granted the wish of 5-year-old cancer patient Miyah, which was to meet the artist and receive one of her famous pink wigs.

Do you prefer Trashy Nicki or Classy Nicki?

Check the photos below.






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