Nicki Minaj: does she have an artificial butt?

Nicki Minaj haunts a lot of men’s naughty dreams. The rapper came a long way from a hood artist to a sex symbol. All her pictures and videos activate thirst trap and all the websites are quick to repost all of them and write articles about her antics.

Last Sunday, Nicki attended the 57th ceremony of the Grammys, and she was definitely one to watch. No matter what she wears it seems that her outfit cannot cover up her curves. Wearing a black Tom Ford dress that accentuated her cleavage and some strappy Giuseppe Zanotti heels, she made a great impression on the Red Carpet.

Yet, another picture taken by a fan revealed something strange: Nicki Minaj’s butt looks funny in the light. Many people questionned her plastic over the past years and this picture casts some new doubt. Is her booty real or fake?

Check the picture below:

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