Nicki Minaj & Britney Spears

Britney’s latest album “Femme Fatale” is currently topping the charts, making her tie with Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson for the most number one hits for a female artist. To promote the album, Britney scheduled a summer tour, set to begin in June. The co-headliner was to be Enrique Iglesias, but he pulled out at the last minute. His ego couldn’t take opening for Britney.

Brit Brit needed to find another co-headliner for her summer tour fast. Now Minaj has confirmed she is in negotiations to join Spears in June. “We’re talking. I would love to, but I don’t know yet.” Nicki Minaj is currently still on tour with Lil Wayne on his “I Am Music II Tour”. Those concerts end on April 29. Britney’s tour begins June 17 in Sacramento. The Harajuku Barbie admits she would jump at the opportunity to travel with Spears and she is doing everything she can to make it happen.

This may be the perfect opportunity for Nicki. She was first introduced to pop audiences during her appearance on Mariah Carey’s ‘Up Out My Face.’ It would give Nicki major exposure if she does get to work with Britney. Nicki Minaj is the latest artist announced for the upcoming NARM convention’s award night in May; she will be named “Breakthrough Artist of the Year.”

Stay tuned to see if the two Femmes Fatales will make this summer even hotter!

By Noemie

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