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The brand new manager of Queens, New York rapper Nicki Minaj is none other than Diddy, Billboard has officially reported. Nicki dumped her previous manager, Debbie Antney, earlier this year. While on the hunt for new representation, she considered hiring Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, to co-manage alongside Diddy. However, that possibility was quickly eliminated after Gaga threatened to fire Carter if he took Nicki on as a client. Instead, Diddy will team up with one of his own managers, James Cruz, to work with the “Black Barbie.”

Last week, Debbie Antney (who is also the mother of Queens-born rapper Waka Flocka Flame) explained her termination to Billboard; “I received a letter, which was [a] suspension. The next letter that came in was a cease and desist in doing all business with Nicki Minaj from Nicki’s attorney,” she explained. This announcement was more of a formality than a surprise. Antney revealed that she was no longer working with Nicki Minaj in March. “I’m not gonna sit here and drop a bunch of bombs on her now, even though she really, really disappointed me. Now Nicki did fire me. She did,” Antney told Billboard.

Diddy, in the meantime, has been following Nicki Minaj from a distance. When he heard that she was manager-free, he jumped at the chance to represent her, knowing that many consider her to be today’s hottest female rapper.

Nicki Minaj was signed to was signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label in August 2009. She recently released a video for “Massive Attack,” the first single from her debut album. The album is expected to hit stores in the fall of 2010.

Written by Raluca & Shaira

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