Nic Wise Wants Joakim Noah’s girl

Nic Wise was in for an unpleasant surprise after texting Joakim Noah’s girlfriend on May 21.

Wise, who previously played for the University of Arizona, allegedly sent Noah’s girlfriend, Amanda, a text message of unknown content. Instead of a response from the blond beauty however, the STB Le Havre point guard received a message stating “This her phone but this Joakim Noah Amanda’s dude how you meet her bruh.”

Wise then put a picture of Joakim’s text on Twitter, and created a meme with a picture of the Chicago Bulls’ center and the words “SAY MAN…HOW YOU MEET HER BRUH?”

It seems as though Wise tried to turn the incident into an internet phenomenon, going so far as to create a hashtag titled “#HowYouMeetHerBruh”

However the next day Wise wrote on Twitter “Woke up feelin bad smh. Apologies to @JoakimNoah.”

Joakim replied in response “I understand….”

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