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TRACE Catch-Up Session with Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle

The multi-talented host of SistaHoodHour, Phumeza Langa, recently caught up with the newly minted Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle on TRACE Catch-Up Session for an unquestionably spiritual and motivational conversation of being of service to others, how we show up in the world, being kind with our words and always being intentional in building those around with our actions.


In this episode of TRACE Catch-Up Session, Dr. Marutlulle takes us on a journey to look within ourselves to answer the question “Where did we learn to play small to the point where we have become so comfortable with the idea of living on crumbs?” 


She also challenges the notion that women who don’t have kids are childless instead of childfree. In her conversation with Phumeza, Dr. Marutlulle touches on the politics of performance by brands who are vocal on matters that they don’t even understand and she teaches brands that they don’t have to be ‘woke’ to matter, they just have to be authentic.


Link to the Interview: 


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