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Johannesburg Trace studio is now open!

Since Trace launched in 2003, we have been pushing boundaries, exploring new ventures and of course adapting to the times. One thing, however, that has always remained the same is our goal of inspiring and empowering young people and artists. Trace recognizes the importance of creating a space where artists can explore their craft and grow the talents of young people by creating a space and giving them a platform where their music can be heard. That is why we have now introduced an easy and accessible way for anyone to create quality and professional productions.


Our brand new studio in Johannesburg is now operational and we want you to come in and allow your creativity to flow. With a complete and professional production team, we have got you covered from A-Z. Our Studio is tailored to your needs and includes an entire crew to assist you in your production process. From camera operators, light engineers right down to make-up artists. Our Studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual tools to help your vision come to light. We have created the perfect setting that can accommodate just about any kind of audio or visual production. 


We offer voice-over recordings, music productions and live artist recordings, vocals, mastering and mixing, composition, podcasts, audio final mix and much more. Our studio is also able to seamlessly link between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Paris with Globecast and our Tricaster system.


With a single facility handling all your production, you will save time and money on any project. That is why we have created our very own production studio aimed at talent looking for a professional source to create and share their stories with the world. We adapt to the needs of our artists and clients big and small alike. That is why we are confident that we will provide you with excellent service to help you create visual and sound masterpieces. 


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