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This summer, hip-hop takes over the theaters! T.I. and Chris Brown will star in “Takers,” a movie that should definitely be a blockbuster starting August 27th in the U.S. The film is an explosive combination of crime, action, and thriller that follows the adventures of a group of professional robbers. T.I., who is also one of the producers, is playing the role of Ghost, an ex-convicted who just got out of jail and goes back into the game. Chris Brown describes his character as “The flashy guy that gets the guys in a lot of trouble at the end of the day.” Zoë Saldaña, the cosmic beauty from Avatar, will bring a feminine touch to the movie. As for a worldwide release, “Takers” will hit the theaters in the fall.

Rapper Bow Wow also has a movie coming up August 20th. “Lottery Tickets” is a comedy in which Bow Wow plays a young boy from the projects who wins the lottery. The hero has to face his greedy neighbors and the twist and turns of becoming rich. Besides from Bow Wow himself, the soundtrack should feature T-Pain, Dj Khaled, Sean Kingston, Pitbull, Soulja Boy, Gucci Man, and Ice Cube who also stars in the movie.

This should be a good summer for hip-hop artists who should rock the box office in addition to the charts! In recent interviews with TRACE, Big Boi and Monica also declared they were considering movie projects. Music and cinema get along!

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