#StandUpNShine Competition Winners

Recently, Trace announced our mission to entertain and empower our people to stand up ‘n shine with our #StandUpNShine campaign. We ran a competition to encourage our Afro-Urban community to tell us what stand up and shine means to you and you did, LOUD AND CLEAR! 


We were very inspired by the videos our community created in which you shared your passion, your energy and your shine on #StandUpNShine. After this exceptional adventure of several weeks, it’s time to announce the 10 winners… Here they are!




Fable @listentofablew 

Jessica Kungz @jessica_kungz 

3L Nino @3lnino_brown 

Hinade @neo_hinade.rsa

Janice Robynne @jcthee_original 

Given le Giza @given_le_giza 

TSA @tsanobodyelse 

Veena @veenarsa 

Loide Ndemueda @loidendemueda12 

Simamkele Nikeloza @nikelosimamkele 

Congratulations to the big winners of our #StandUpNShine campaign! They have each won 500 euros and each winner will see their #StandUpNShine video broadcast on our TV channels, social networks and Trace website. Keep shining! 

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