Ne-Yo Booted

If you still don’t know the “Pied Piper” is on tour in US with Keyshia Cole, J-Holiday, Ne-Yo and some artists.

According to a press release, Ne-Yo was informed that he was being dropped from the rest of the R Kelly tour after delivering two great performances.

Maybe reporters, critics, fans attitude disturb R.kelly’s entourage.
All of them were agreed to say that Shaffer Smith aka Ne-Yo performance was terrific.
So terrific that he was dropped!

The young singer who written hit song “Irreplaceable” for Beyonce and “Unfaithful” for Rihanna (and he has written songs for the next album of Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, Lionel Richie, and Enrique Iglesias’s new albums!) was surprised, he said:

“I don’t understand their actions because I was rehearsing, doing media, promoting the tour, and performing, said Ne-Yo. In my opinion, I was doing everything possible to make the tour a success. I love being on stage in front of fans because of the immediate feedback you get. You know right away if they are feeling you; and they were really feeling our show.”

R.Kelly’s camp justifies the fact by the lack of a signed contract which explains why Ne-Yo was dropped.



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