Marvel legend Stan Lee has joined forces with R&B artist Ne-Yo to create a comic based on his forthcoming album “Libra Scale”.

Ne-Yo’s comic book character, named Jerome, will have superpowers but he can’t fall in love until he defeats a villain named Diamond Eyes. Jerome’s story will be told in animated versions of Ne-Yo’s recent singles.

Ne-Yo said that he was excited when Stan Lee approached him for this project. “I’ve been a fan for years. I’m trying not to geek-out being with Stan,” he said. “It’s cool I can take this comic element of myself and blend it to the music element. I got to draw characters myself.”

Both Stan Lee and Ne-Yo believe that the music industry can benefit by taking in comic book culture.

We can all look forward to this project. Look out for “Libra Scale,” which drops in stores Nov. 22.

Written by Mufsin

Check out this video of Ne-Yo being honored at Stan Lee Foundation”

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