As producer Rodney Jerkins begins work on an album of unreleased Michael Jackson music, Ne-Yo, on the other hand, isn’t sure what to do with the material he wrote for the late King of Pop before MJ‘s death last year. The R&B singer/songwriter told Austrailia’s “Daily Telegraph” that he was sending Jackson three or four drafts a week prior to his unexpected death. More than a year later, Ne-Yo now still stands at a crossroads as he contemplates what to do with the songs he created specifically for the one and only MJ.

“I can’t sell them on to someone else, as that would be disrespectful, but I also think it might be disrespectful to bring them out myself. So I don’t know, I’ll sit on them and wait. It’s definitely quality music but they were songs written absolutely for Michael Jackson.”
According to the newspaper, Jackson hand-picked Ne-Yo as well as Black Eyed Peas producer to work on his comeback album. It was only a matter of time before Ne-Yo was met face to face with his musical idol.

“I felt quite bad, as I’d allowed what the media had done to his name and image to have me thinking, ‘OK, what’s this about to be? Is this going to be weird?’ ” he recalled. “But he walked in a black suit and some sunglasses and was a genuine, nice guy. And it wasn’t because he wanted something from me, he just had no reason other than to be a decent guy.”

But Ne-Yo has hope that one day he’ll figure out what to do with the Jackson tracks. “Hopefully the songs will see the light of day, it just has to be the right way,” he said.

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