It seems like actress Monyetta Shaw got inspired by the lyrics of the 50 Cent song featuring Ne-Yo “Baby by Me” since she’s expecting the R’n’B singer’s first child! The couple has reportedly been dating for a long time, and Ne-Yo’s girlfriend is now two months pregnant. “I am 30 and I do have my first child on the way, and I am very, very, very excited about that” he revealed to Ebony Magazine.

Even if Ne-Yo recently admitted that having a baby couldn’t be taken lightly: “It’s very scary, common sense would tell you now isn’t a good time to bring a baby into this world,” the future dad seemed excited about knowing soon whether it was a boy or a girl. Back in 2007, his ex-girlfriend had a baby while they were in a relationship but he then found out the child wasn’t his. This time Ne-Yo is ready to officially become a dad: “It’s a New Year’s baby and I’m just in a really good place right now” said the singer in Ebony.

This should be a busy year for Ne-Yo since he’s also about to release his fourth album. “Libra Scale” is set to hit the stores on September 16th and will also be accompanied by a film Ne-Yo wrote and that inspired most of the songs. Ne-Yo was already living the “Champagne Life,” now he has a “Beautiful Monster” on the way, congrats!

Written by Liv

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