If you were not already looking forward to Ne-Yo’s upcoming album “Libra Scale,” then these new videos might grab your attention. The singer premiered two story-driven videos on television the other day, one for his song “Beautiful Monster” and the other for “Champagne Life.” But rather than your regular old music video, the clips are only small parts to a bigger visual narrative.

“Beautiful Monster” is a small piece of a very long and intricate story,” Ne-Yo revealed. “When you see the first video, make sure that you’re paying attention, because all of the videos tell a story. So pay attention–you don’t want to miss nothing.”

In “Beautiful Monster,” the citizens have been threatened in their own town by an unknown species and no one feels safe. It is up to Ne-Yo and his trio of crime-fighting superhero’s, called “The Gentleman,” to save the day. But the singer must be careful, as his only way of loosing his powers is by falling in love.

The movie continues with “Chapagne Life,” where we learn that Ne-Yo’s and his now arch enemy Sinclair were once deeply in love. As a result, she is granted some of Ne-Yo’s powers, but in the wrong way. The transfer of powers turned Sinclair into Dimond Eye, a “crazy, psycho mass-murderer.”

The videos, which were directed by Wayne Isham, have this sort of Michael Jackson “Thriller” vibe to them. If anything, you have to admire the concept, no one has done this sort of thing for their album in a long time, if ever. The video series should bring Ne-Yo a lot of publicity and help with his overall sales, once the album does drop September 22nd. Check out the videos below and stay tuned for the next episodes!

Written by Michael Wash

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