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NBA Superstar Serge Ibaka delivers heartfelt speech at Global Citizen Festival 2017

It’s no secret that Serge Ibaka the Toronto Raptors power forward is as well renowned for his ubiquity on the court than for his philantropy. And once again he’s proven is social activism as he was among the list of illustrious guest who took part in the Global Citizen Festival in New York on the 23rd of September. Serge Ibaka who was born in Brazzaville (Congo) has throughout his career spoke out as regard global issues such as poverty, education and the lack of health care in impoverished environments and third world countries. On this special occasion Serge Ibaka took the time to deliver a very heartfelt speech in which he described how he grew up in a poor neighborhood in Brazzaville and overcome the hardships of life against all odds. The NBA player put forward his willingnesss to strive and prosper despite the obstacles along his way. A speech that moved the crowd and was greeted by applause.

The dapper baller also expressed his sense of fashion by wearing a gucci T-shirt, a Ferragamo belt and Saint-Laurent pants! Listen to the speech below:

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