Is Nas finally fed-up with Kelis both controversial child and spousal support payments? After months of silence the rapper is finally lashing out at his soon to be ex-wife on a new track, untitled “Strong Will Continue,” from his new anticipated collaboration album “Distant Relatives” with reggae star Damian Marley.

“How in the h*ll am I supposed to stay comfy when I pay child support, alimony monthly,” the Queens MC rapped. Referencing to Kelis claims that he was cheating during their union, he said, “So I’ve stuck with some married women so fine, cheating while their husband rushing on the 40-yard line/ wonder if this is what my ex did the whole time.”

As previously reported, Nas and Kelis filed for divorce in April of 2009 and a judge ordered Nas to pay Kelis over $51,000 a month in child and spousal support, plus medical expenses for their young son Knight who was born that same year.

Since their marriage in 2005, rumors of marital affairs from the former hip hop power couple have been rampant and on top of his personnel dilemma, Nas share of money problems have forced him to put a halt to his career. The rapper owed the IRS $2.5 million in back taxes and $700,000 to his former manager.

It’s seems that things are not that bad after all for Nas and giving credibility to his talent, the MC will release “Distant Relatives” in April 2010.

“As We Enter” the lead single from the album will be release on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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