Nas has leaked the first song from his upcoming controversial album “Nigger,” and the song is just as shocking as the album’s title.

On the new song, titled “Be A Nigger Too,” Nas begins with “You are now allowed to listen to the radio, real niggers are back (on the radio)” before going into his verse.

Nas uses the dreaded “n” word repeatedly to get his point across, giving a preview of what’s to come:

“I’m a nigger, he’s a nigger, she’s nigger, we some niggers / wouldn’t you like to be a nigger too / They like to strangle niggers, blame a nigger, shootin’ niggers, hangin’ niggers / still you wanna be a nigger too… true,” Nas raps on the song’s chorus.

“To all my ‘kike’ niggers, ‘spic’ niggers, ‘guinea’ niggers, ‘chink’ niggers/ That’s right, y’all my niggers, too,” he continues.

In the song Nas also mentions the topic of a young Eminem using the racial slur, but says he’s not mad.

“Not mad cause Eminem said nigger / Cause he’s my nigger / Wigger / Cracker friend / We all black within / We all African within / Some African’s don’t like us no way / A killin’ happened in Johannesburg yesterday.”

Whatever kind of flack Nas gets for the song, it’s done it’s job. Only out a day, the song has sparked controversy and spawned talk between critics and media alike.

“Be A Nigger Too” is just a street leak, with the first single expected to drop soon.

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