Alternative hip-hop group N.E.R.D has decided that a threesome is no longer enough. The group, led by producer Pharrell Williams, has confirmed that they have added a new female member to their ensemble.

The addition is Toronto native Rhea, a 5-foot-4-inch singer of Guyanese descent.
According to reports, the singer met the group only once in person before auditioning for members Pharrell, Chad and Shae via Skype. Rhea’s rendition of “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” impressed the group so much that they decided to sign her.

Now that N.E.R.D has decided to go the Black Eyed Peas route by adding some estrogen to their lineup, their mainstream appeal could skyrocket just as it did for the B.E.P when they added Fergie.

N.E.R.D will be releasing their fourth album, “Instant Gratification,” in 2010. They will also hit the road with Jay-Z and J. Cole for the Blueprint 3 North American tour this month.

Written By Shaira Brereton

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