New music from N.E.R.D (No One Ever Really Dies) is on the scene again. This should come as a relief to fans that have been waiting two years for new material. Pharell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley are back with their brand new single “Hot ‘N Fun.” The single hit the web on April 24 and features Canadian pop singer Nelly Furtado.

“Hot ‘N Fun” is the first single from N.E.R.D’s upcoming album titled “Nothing.” The repetitive nature of the alluring single is ideal for the dance-floor. The band has already performed “Hot ‘N Fun” as well as “Party People,” another dance track featured on the upcoming record, in front of an audience at San Fransisco Yuri’s Night on April 10.

N.E.R.D announced the name of their new record via Twitter on April 6. “Nothing” will be their fourth album, following 2008’s “Seeing Sounds.” The entire album, just like its first single, is heavily influenced by themes from the 60s. “It is really flower power, counter culture, free love,” Pharell explained. The album, which is expected to show a more sensitive side of the group, is described as a conversation between N.E.R.D and women, according to the lead vocalist.

N.E.R.D was born in 2001 as a group featuring The Neptunes (Pharell Williams and Chad Hugo) and Shay Haley, the less media-covered member. Their first album, “In Search of…” was released twice, first with a primarily hip-hop sound before the second, rock-influenced version was released. Their following work, and now “Nothing,” has been marked with the same rock, sometimes even punk, vibe without forgetting a subtle hip-hop groove. The new record will be released on June 15, a day full of urban music flow, as N.E.R.D, Drake and The Game are all set to release albums on that date.

Written by Raluca & Shaira

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