Mourinho doesn’t care about fashion

José Mourinho doesn’t care about his appearance! That’s what he told Italy’s Corriere Della Serra. The Special One explained that he « doesn’t dress for others ». He dresses “to be comfortable”. For José, what he wears depends on his mood: « One day, you’ll see me clean-shaven, wearing a nice suit and. And the next day, I’ll be wearing slippers and shorts ».

The Real Madrid coach actually has a deal with Adidas. He admitted to being a big fan of the three stripes brand growing up and said that he always used to buy a lot of their clothes. So for him the brand had no choice but to “pay him back with interest”.

What a comedian! With 4 to 5,2 million dollars in endorsements a year, he can afford a sense of humour. When you have that much money in the bank, you don’t need to be trendy.



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