Monica and Brandy Eye Joint Tour

After recently releasing the single “It All Belongs To Me,” their first record together in 14 years, R&B songbirds Monica and Brandy are plotting a joint tour for the summer. 

Monica broke the news during a recent interview with Hartford, Conn. radio station Hot 93.7.

“We’re working on that now and trying to find different sponsors and people that will get us in the cities we feel like we should be in,” Monica said during the interview. “So it’s not just as easy as saying it, but we’re actually putting forth the effort to try and make sure it happens.”

While the tour hasn’t been finalized, the venture and the release of “It All Belongs To Me” shows that the two former rivals have moved past their childhood feud that arose after the success of their first collaboration, 1998’s “The Boy Is Mine.” Monica said this time around, they’ll be able to enjoy their success together.

“We’re dedicated to this song in a different way because now we’re old enough to know that there’s strength in unity and there’s strength in numbers, so us coming together is actually enjoyable now,” she said. “We both have kids, we talk about them, we have a good time. We didn’t do that the first time. We never experienced ‘The Boy Is Mine.’”

Monica’s seventh album, “New Life,” is scheduled for released on April 10, while Brandy’s debut with RCA/Chameleon Records is slated to drop in May.

Check out “It All Belongs To Me” below.

Brooks Newkirk

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