Missy Franklin: the female Michael Phelps?

Never heard of Missy Franklin? Well, that’s all set to change! At barely 17 years old she’s already being compared to Michael Phelps. Like him, she’s taking part in 7 events in the London Olympics and she’s already swum two races and picked up two medals, a gold and a bronze. The other youngster on the American team is Allison Shmidt. Phelps salutes the dynamic young duo’s exceptional talent, saying “She has incredible energy.”
But channeling that energy effectively is proving difficult for the young adolescent during her first Olympics. Franklin recently remarked “My first games… hugs to everybody.”
Yup, Missy is struggling to keep her feet on the ground, and that’s no small task! The American is an impressive 6 foot 1 in height and wears a size 11 shoe! Nearly the same size as Michael Phelps – yet another thing they have in common. But Franklin is not looking to be the female version of Phelps, nor is she looking to imitate her idol Natalie Coughlin. She just wants to swim her own race. Never heard of Missy Franklin? You have now!

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