Mindless Behavior discuss different style of second album

Mindless Behavior recently sat down for an interview with Billboard Magazine to discuss their upcoming sophomore album, the success surrounding “#1 Girl,” and their subsequent U.S. tour.

15 year old Ray Ray spoke first, remarking “We have a great camp around us…Conjunction Entertainment. They make sure we stay grounded. They keep us very level-headed. We keep each other very level-headed, too. We don’t want to become big headed at all. You have to be nice to everyone.”

Princeton, also 15, said “Self-therapy helps too…Self-therapy, meaning you’re talking to yourself and making sure you’re stable mentally.”

Prodigy, 16, then spoke “Our fans are really committed. They will fly to Africa if we have a show…Every critic tries to give us the kid pass…Like, ‘Aw, this is the new kid group.’…We’re not how we grew up saying, *falsetto voice* ‘Hey my girl, my girl…’ No. Our voices ain’t going to sound like that anymore; like Alvin and the Chipmunks.”

Princeton then spoke about the sound of their second album, saying “The second album is going show everyone that we’re not kids anymore…We’re teenagers. We’re a boy band, but we’re not kids.”

The quartet’s youngest member, 14 year old Roc Royal, elaborated about the progress on their currently untitled follow up to “#1 Girl” “We’re actually in the studio right now…Our manager, Walter, actually went back to L.A. to produce some more records for us. So, we’re about to come back out and record some more.”

Interscope is preparing the first single from the group’s second album, stay tuned for a title and release date.

David Woodson

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