Miguel in New York

No need to introduce Miguel. You’ve seen his music videos “All I Want Is You” and “Sure Thing” on your favorite music network. And it’s not about to stop. The upcoming R&B star stopped by the NYC office of TRACE Urban. Leaving the United States in a month to start small fires in Europe, we were happy to welcome Miguel once again upon our Soho terrace. During the interview, the singer talked about his music, how fame changed his life and relationships and what inspires him.

Whereas we interviewed him last year wearing a gray hoodie, we now see a different Miguel with a red leather jacket and tight jeans. “Fashion is a form of expression. I wear what it is that represents me best” he says. His music goes through the same natural progression. He will release 3 more singles from his debut album “All I Want Is You” but he’s already been thinking about his next opus. He said that it will be more rounded and reveals some personal perspectives.

Miguel lists French and indie music, soundtracks and upcoming artists as a source of inspiration. We can expect future collaborations with creatives who are on the same wavelength. So stay tuned for more info and videos about the singer on TRACE Urban and www.trace.tv.

By Noémie Jamar

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