Miguel: He reveals why he did not propose to long time girlfriend Nazanin Mandi

The 29 year-old singer recently stopped by Hot 97 studios to promote his upcoming album “Wildheart”. During his appearance on the show « Ebro in the morning » , the R&B heartthrob dished on numerous hot topics including his longtime (10 years) relationship with muse and model Nazanin Mandi and explained why he hasn’t walked down the aisle yet. Miguel revealed that he doesn’t believe in “fast food marriages”.He emphasized by saying : “I don’t feel the pressure because I know that when I commit, I really commit. I think because of society and how people view things (…) everything is like fast food. It’s just like fast food. Okay you wanna get married ? Cool, get married ! You wanna get divorced ? Get divorced. There’s no thought or substance behind it. I think more than anything friendship is the most important.” And concluded by “I really am wild hearted. I’m wild at heart, It just means that I follow my instincts.” About sleeping with other women while being in a relationship he says : “I just know I’m wild at heart man.” Let us know what are your opinions about relationships !

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