Mickey Factz

Hailing from The Bronx New York, a city he refers to as “The Black Apple,” at 24 Mickey Factz is the prototype for today’s new hip hop artist. He has grabbed ahold of the realization that it is a new age for music, and that the once broad gap between different genres has now been blurred. Mickey lays his fierce, yet sensual rhymes over an array of music from alternative to rock to electronic, while still embracing his hip-hop foundations.

Beginning to release free mixtapes online in 2006, he reached worldwide acclaim quickly, giving him the opportunity to tour in places like Canada, the United Kingdom, China & Japan. As he pushes forward, Mickey continues to cement his presence as a future emcee to be reckoned with.

Recently, the TRACE team caught up with the rapper at The Source Independence Day event in New York. He talked with us about his album and also gave us a little more insight into who exactly Mickey Factz is.

The interview began with Mickey talking with us about big things that have happened for him in the past year. In 2009, he was put on the Rock The Bells tour bill, where he was able to perform with rap legends such as Nas, The Roots, and Common. Also in 2009 he was asked to do two commercials for a series that Honda Car Company was doing. He said that was a very humbling experience for him, as he was the only rapper picked out of an array of upcoming artists.

We then got to talking about what 2010 has to offer for the Bronx rapper. “I got a mixtape coming in the summer and an album in the fall,” said Mickey. He then talked about how he just recently signed with Battery/Jive records for the album, which is called “The Achievement,” stating, “Battery has a great independent mindset and Jive has a great marketing campaign.” The album, he said, is going to feature a lot of different kind of stuff that will definitely catch people’s attention. “A lot of people are going to be really surprised to hear the quality of music that will be coming out from this album,” said the rapper. He also went on to say, “the sound is going to change the landscape of how people view me as an artist.”

With a mixtape out at the end of July and an album out in the fall, it would be foolish to say Mickey Factz is not headed for the big lights. The first single to the album is out now, entitled “Paradise,” and the second “Made,” is on the way very soon. Keep an eye on him and check out this sneak peek of the TRACE interview!

Written by Michael Wash

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