Michael Johnson doesn’t want Oscar Pistorius competing in the Olympics

Oscar Pistorius, seems to be making Michael Johnson a bit jealous.

In the Telegraph, Johnson explains that Pistorius’ prosthetic limbs could give him an edge over the competition, which is why he’s against the amputee athlete participating in races for able-bodied athletes. Not exactly the kind of sportsmanship you’d come to expect from a former 200 and 400m Olympic champion. But the good news for Oscar is that he already has his ticket for London and that none of the great Michael Johnson’s insinuations will change that.

Johnson also states that he considers Pistorius a friend and that the South African is well aware of his position on the matter. If so, we dread to think how he treats his enemies! In any case, Michael is on form and has plenty to say these days, a few weeks ago, he declared that slavery had created a “superior athletic gene” that gives African American and Caribbean sprinters an advantage, all very controversial!

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