Michael Jackson

Some of ya’ll might have heard about the rumours of Michael Jackson working with Kanye, well those are not rumours anymore.
Kanye is actually, really, honestly, working on producing some music for Jacko’s first album since 2001 “Invincible”!

As part of his announcement, detailed in full on the pages of Top Goth popster Vicky “Eye of’ Newton, will.i.am detailed at tedious length how he was first approached to do the job and how he couldn’t believe it was Jacko, etc.
“Michael just called me out of the blue and I just didn’t believe it was him.”
Surely the voice pitched three octaves higher than normal gave the game away?
“I was like, ‘Come on, who is this, how did you get my number? Stop playing around.’ He said: ‘No, it’s really me, it’s Michael.'”
“I still didn’t believe it was him and was like, ‘Dude, seriously, I got to go.'”
The album is expected for the beginning of 2008.


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